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Premium Wood Finishes

NUMATIC FINISHING CORPORATION, based in Auburn, Washington, specializes in architectural wood pre-finishing for pre-finishing doors, millwork, case work, and paneling. We do all types of finishes, including wood treat, fire treat, priming, painting, and staining. In addition, we belong to and do all AWI (Architectural Woodwork Institute) finishes, as well as UV (ultraviolet) finishes and WIC (Woodwork Institute of California) finishes. Some of our finishes include:

Kitchen With Wooden Floors and Counter

Wood Treat: We coat the wood before it's finished in order to prevent mold and insect infestations.

Fire Treat: Our company treats each substrate and material supplied differently. Every attempt is made to comply with the listed rating guidelines for an application of an approved fire-retardant topical mixture. We use only top-rated fire-retardant chemicals, but offer no warranty outside of what the manufacture states for ratings. Each substrate provides a different rating due to the hardening of the material and the different species.

Priming: A "new finish" we offer is PSP, which stands for prime, sand, and prime. We prep the wood, and then apply a 100% alkyd modified enamel primer to all sides and edges. Then we sand the product smooth and re-prime it with the same primer, reducing it by 25%. This creates a smooth and semi-filled surface to paint. We can even tint the final coat to match your finished paint. All that is left is installation, spot priming, and scuff sanding for painting. This helps save time and money, especially when it comes to louvered doors and panels, plain doors, or running trims. Please note that this PSP system does not include any putty or spackle. However, these services are available so reach out to us to learn more.